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Saturday, May 30, 2009


A little tip. When I take the boys somewhere that there will be a lot of kids I dress them in similar colors. I try to pick a color that is bright and not too common. I picked these two orange shirts up at Walmart for two fifty each. This way when I am looking around for them at the park or the mall play area I can pick them out of the crowed quickly:)

Friday, May 29, 2009


We've been doing some swimming of late and having a ton of fun! I found this fish tank net at a dollar store and thought it would be good for skimming all of the leaves and stuff. It turned into a fun game for Caden! I tossed a bunch of ocean creatures into the pool and Caden had a blast fishing them all out! I thought it would be fun to toss a bunch of ping pong balls into the pool and let him go nuts! Maybe next time!

Monday, May 25, 2009

8, 9, 10!

We finished our numbers and we had so much fun! My favorite activity was one that I really thought of last minute! I just wrote a big 9 at the top of each paper and then drew 9 circles for them to place counters in. I was really surprised at how much they liked it. It gave them a great visual of the number 9. After they filled the circles twice I gave them stickers to complete it one last time. Caden did really well! He really enjoyed this one.
Drake liked this one as well. He would place the counters in the circles and mimic the tone of counting. Does that make sense? Anyway, big hit all around!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

From the Archives

Today I forgot to pack any toys in my diaper bag for Caden to play with during church so I let him rummage through my purse. After he got eye shadow all over him:) he settled on playing with all of my cards. He loved finding my picture on some of them and pointing out letters. His favorite thing to do was slide them in to the pocket of a photo holder in my purse. He spent about 40 minutes doing all this and it reminded me of his favorite activity when he was one year old. I gave him a bunch of old cards and a little tin pot. He loved it. He carried it around for about a month, including the whole time I was in the hospital having Drake. Here is a cute video of him playing.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Number 7

I couldn't think of anything to go with the number seven so I had to improvise. I started by showing all four kids the shaving cream can. They loved watching it come out of the can. I decided to show them how to write in the cream. They loved watching me write the number seven and then make it "disappear"! Caden and Drake played for about 15 minute and then wanted to be done. They have a wired thing about getting messy:) Patricia stayed at the table for an hour!!!! I couldn't believe it. By the time she was done all of the shaving cream had soaked in to her skin:) P.S. the trays I used are baking sheet lids:)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Number 6 and Streching Snack!

For the number 6 my sister planned Dice! She found a 24 pack of these eraser dice at the dollar store. The kids loved them! Misty also drew a 6 on each of their plates and let them practice:)
Caden liked stacking them up ( ignore the girly clip in his hair). I like that we are talking about a number but we are also practicing other skills.
Misty also did a fun snack. She bought a pack of white shoe laces and gave each of the kids one of them to lace cheerios with. The kids loved it and it made snack time last a long time.