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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friday Wrap Up G and H

Every thing we did is not pictured. If you would like to see our entire lesson plan for the week click below.

Mega Blocks

I had one of the girls in my class help me organize the kitchen area and then help me take picture so that we could make labels! She enjoyed being my helper for the morning.

The music instruments got a lot of use this week:)

On the shelf

Shape puzzles, the kids all really like these

Letter G and H writing Practice

New sand in the sand in the writing tray. Jack dumped out the other color;) It's one of his favorite activities along with the rest of the class.

G is for sorting green things

H is for house building. I made a little idea card

My sister got these word building cards in the Target dollar spot and turned a few into magnets:) These were a bit hit with the older kids! I love that so many of my students are starting read and spell!

H is for Hippos!

H is for Hungry Hungry Hippos!!! So exciting that I hand to help everyone take turns and then put it away after the first day:) H is for Hammer G is for Glitter and Glue! I poured some glitter in their hand so that they could pinch it out with the other hand.

Thrift store connectors:) H is for Hearts! Jumbo playing cards to put in order

Small Group

G is for Geometric Solids

Each child had a basket with one of each of the Geometric solids. We took turns picking one and then I would teach them the name for it and then everyone would search in their own basket for the same shape...

And put it in the middle of the table until we had them all:) This was a lot of fun!

Outside Time

G is for Gumball Machine!

We took turns being at the top of the slide. Someone at the bottom would give them a coin(dollar tree) and tell them what color gumball they would like...

The "Gumball Machine" would then find that color and send it down the slide! So much fun and it was great color practice. Also the kids would slide down once they had three coins so that someone else could have a turn!
H is for Hoops! My little sister got this for the kids and it's so fun! The balls roll out of the bottom:)
G is for Go! We played stop/go and the kids go to race back to the gate on the count of 1-2-3 GO!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Wrap Up E and F

Another Great week!!! This isn't all that we did but it is all that I got pictures of:)
Collecting things that start with E and F (the watermelon and Kiwi were Fruit)
Fishing for letters! The kids loved this and I really want to make a fabric set.
On the Shelf
F is for counting and sorting Fish
F is for farm animals. I put out pictures and farm animal figurines.
E is for elephants all in a row:)
F is for flipping frogsElephants and Flowers in the pattern tray, this was a little tricky for some:)
Gone Fishing;)
In our writing area we had our practice sheets and envelopes!
I used the magnets on the white board to spell out words that they wanted to write on their cards! The envelopes were a huge hit!

F is for flower arranging
E and F sorting, pretty tricky! F is for fire!!!! Another huge hit!
Empty/Full sorting!
Small Group
Sink or Float Outside
Painting with little brushes!
Letter E egg hunt!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

E is for Egg Hunt!

I made these capital E and lower case e eggs to hunt for in the backyard! The kids loved it! I hid them all over the backyard and the kids hunted! The rule was that they could only find one at a time and had to run it to me before searching for a new one. I had the older kids tell me whether it was Capital/Lowercase and the sound and the younger kids just said the sound each time:)
If you would like to make your own Letter E hunt I have the print out for you!
I printed it twice because more kids will be playing it. I cut each egg out and then laminated them because we will be using them out doors so they needed a good seal all the way around.
I plan on making another set of A-Z eggs for Easter! As the kids find them we will put them in alphabetical order:)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fire Blocks

I used some 1 inch cubes and dollar store glitter leaves to make some fire blocks! I just glued some of the smaller ones along the top and then larger ones along the bottom so that they would over lap! I made 4:)
I added some fire trucks to the building blocks and the kids had a blast pretending that their buildings were on fire!

They would pretend to spray the fire and then knock the fire blocks off the building:)
These fire blocks were meant to encourage more building and pretend play but for a little while the kids were just playing with the trucks and fire. I took away the trucks and explained to them my purpose for putting out the fire blocks. Once they started building burning buildings I gave them the trucks back and they all realized how much more fun it was to actually build something:)

Reading Tip

Caden has a little trouble telling the difference between the lowercase B and D. Since he knows the sign language for the letter D I asked him to place his hand on the page. If it matches then it's a D and if it doesn't then it is a B. This has actually completely solved the problem for him and he does it all on his own without me reminding him:) I thought it might help some other kiddos out there and I wish I had known it when I was a kid! Make sure they use their right hand(if they don't know the right hand tell them it's the one they hold their pencil in). Caden uses his right hand to point at words he is reading so it's easy for him:)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Wrap Up C and D

We had a great week learning all about the letters C and D!!!!
Play Time
During play time we got to get a live show!! We got to watch a tree cutting service use their bucket truck cut down trees.

C is for car garage
D is for dressing up

Collecting things that start with C and D
On the Shelf

D is for dinosaurs by Confessions of a Homeschooler
Writing practice from Confessions of a Homeschooler
Lacing C and D things
D is for roll a dinosaur I made this from a sticker book, roll the dice and put that many on and the same for taking them off. It's hard to tell but there is a match for each dino.

C is for Clocks to explore C and D beginning sounds sorting
D is for dinosaur stamps! Huge hit!!
C is for counting Caterpillar, from Confessions of a Homeschooler
Encyclopedia Britannica books from Costco

C is for counting and sorting cats
Small Group
C is for Candyland
We play this with just one piece and all work together to get to Candyland!
D is for dollars
We counted the dots on the dice and received that many dollars. If we didn't have enough to buy the toy we wanted then we would roll again. This was great counting practice:)
C is for Cold!
I filled three test tubes, one hot, one regular, and one cold. We all touched the test tubes with our eyes opened and closed. We talked about the opposite of Cold...Hot:) Outside
The kids love the animals as usual!

we loved digging in the sand with our dinosaurs:)