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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's Out Wednesday!

The kids loved the sink or float activity so we switched it up and did Magnetic and Non Magnetic. This has been another big hit! I love using the test tubes for these activities because I can put out things that would be dangerous or messy without the risk!
(Sand, leaves, marbles, acorns, a nail, sewing pins,a magnet and little bits of metal)
I got these dry erase boards in the target dollar spot. I put out more markers so that they can practice writing or turn them to the blank side and draw pictures.
I put up our magnet letters to practice some alphabetical order. This is a picture of what Caden did by himself. It goes up instead of down and I can't find the D but oh well! It's the first time he decided to try alphabetical order on his own:)
Jack's shelf has :Nesting Barrels, Shape sorting Puzzle, Stacking Rings, Name Tracing Plate, Pop Together Vehicles, Messy Bucket with a Gatorade bottle and checkers, and a shape puzzle.
I thought I would show a little of our playroom this week. We put the climber that we usually have outside, inside so that they can get some exercise without the 115 degree weather:)
We have a shelf for some of the bigger toys.
In a corner we have three baskets: Board Books, Stuffed Animals, and Dress Up Clothes.
Our main playroom toys are in our bucket shelf.
We also have a little pretend area that I can't keep Jack away from long enough to snap a picture but it's a little Vet's office. Jack LOVES Stuffed animals and thinks they are all his:) The kids have really enjoyed this!


  1. Love your ideas and trying to start similar activities with my 2 1/2 year old and 10 month old. Can u tell me about the name tracing plate you have out for Jack? Is it sand paper letters and did you make it? I also teach second grade and plan on working some of the Montessori ideas into my classroom! Thanks! Monica

  2. What fun! I love those test tubes, I'll have to try and find some for our science kit :)

  3. yes I love those test tubes too. So neat! I'll have to keep my eyes out for them.

  4. I'm not sure I've ever said so before, but I *love* your WOW posts! I'm always excited to see it pop up in my blog reader!

    I'm wondering what you do with everything when it's not in use? How do you keep organized? I'm just getting started, so I don't *have* many of the things I see you use (though we're slowly accumulating what I want), but I'm not sure how to keep it all organized when not "out." Any tips?

  5. LOVE LOVE your blog. I know I've mentioned this before but we have about the same age of kids. I had 3 in 2.5 years. Anyways, I tried to set my playroom up (we just bought our first home too) and my kids like to use all the stuff at once and make lots of messes. Do you stay in there all the time? I'd love to hear another post on how you help them to clean? Although I realize all kids are very different. And my oldest is very spirited :)

  6. Hey, I found those dry erase boards at Target too. I was leery of putting markers out for my very high energy 3.5 year old, but to my delight I found "dry erase crayons" by Crayola in the school supplies department. It came with an eraser mit and is perfect for this!

  7. I love seeing pictures on what you have on your shelfs!


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