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Monday, January 26, 2009

Weather Wheel!

I've been talking to the boys about weather in the simplest way lately. I've just been pointing out clouds, the sun, wind, that it's hot or cold and Caden has really taken to it. I decided I needed some kind of weather chart for him so that he could see how the weather changes. I loved this idea from Let's Explore and I wanted to make one that was long lasting so that Caden and Drake could report on the weather everyday!I cut out a circle and divided it into 6 even parts. On one side is the temperature and the other side is the weather conditions. We live in Arizona so I picked the three most likely weather conditions. I glued the circle to an extra piece of construction paper and then laminated it. I also laminated two little arrows and hot glued them on to clothes pins. I also hot glued a thick magnet on the back of the wheel so that I could put it on the front door outside. It also makes it stick out some so that Caden will be able to put the cloths pins on without taking down the wheel. Everyday when we go out for outside time we will talk about the weather and adjust the pins accordingly:)

I made it VERY simple for the boys but it could be made with a lot more choices for older children.

For example:
  • On one side put the degrees and then have them read an out door thermometer and record the temperature on the chart

  • On the other side you could add: windy, snowy, hailing, sprinkle, down pour, blizzard...! Or whatever:)


  1. Great site, thanks for taking the time to share such great ideas. I'm going to pass the link along to the parents at our school.

  2. Wow, you are seriously amazing! I keep bookmarking ideas that you've shared. Now I need to designate a time to start making them! My kids will love this.

  3. This is my first time as a montessori teacher and i never known this site before. I love it here it. I can use it to my Nursery and Kindergarten students.More power!

    Delia of Prep International

  4. what? someone took my pudding

  5. brennon your werid, the weather vane is so cool, im making so many, thanks for telling me how to do this

  6. this is screalsy work, stop messing around


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