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Monday, January 12, 2009

Bean Bag Feely Game!

I love making things that are multifunctional and also things that can grow and evolve with the child. My latest sewing project has been these baby bean bags. This activity is great for sensory development, talking about same and different, and large motor skills.
Aren't they cute!!! I wanted to make bean bags that were smaller for little hands and I had tons of little scraps from other projects. I decided to make them in to a texture game as well. Before I I let Caden play with the target board I had him find the Bean bags that were the same and we talked about how each pair felt. Then the real fun started! He started throwing them at the target and even got one in:) My little one Drake loved it even more then Caden. He stood at the little table and just kept on slipping them through the hole. I was sneaking them from behind back into his pile!
For older children: Put half of the bean bags in a cloth bag. Give the child a bean bag and then have them feel inside the bag without looking to see if they can feel for the correct bean bag.

These were so simple but I am going to give the directions on how I made them just in case anyone wants to know:)
1) I selected 6 fabrics that had different textures and cut 4 rectangles measuring 4in by 3in out of each fabric.
2)I put two pieces of fabric together with the textured sides facing in and sewed around the edges, leaving a little opening at the top in which to turn it right side out.
3) Turn it right side out using a chopstick to push out all of the corners.
4)Fill the bag with filling. I used poly-beads. Make sure that you don't over stuff them!
5) Sew the small opening shut and you have an adorable little bean bag!


  1. I'm over here from Ice Cream Diary and I've read several of your posts. I have to say your stuff makes me wish I had young children again! (My youngest turns 18 in a couple weeks...sigh.) This all looks like so much fun.

  2. I found you the other day and am SO THANKFUL!!! I have 1 son (16 months) and have just been wishing I could find a book called "What to do with your 16 month old." Thank you so much for posting great ideas & activities with clear directions.
    Your children are really lucky!

    I taught high school for 4 years before I had him so my brain is not really wired with what to do for young children (once they hit 14, I'm ready to roll!)

    Please keep posting! I've cherished, read, and re-read all your posts.

    Did you just start in 2009? I was trying to find back posts but can't.

    Thanks again!!!

  3. Very impressive beanbags lists. I really love it all. thanks for this post.


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