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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Play-Doh is awesome for some very obvious reasons: strengthens little fingers, encourages creativity, and is just really fun! I've found that it is a great teaching tool as well. Caden and Drake both love this activity so I incorporate what I want them to learn into their play-doh time. Today I got out the letter cookie cutters and together we cut out the letters in the boys names and then arranged them in order. After Caden named all of the letters we smashed it all up and played with the tools. This is great because he gets to see the letters form in the play-doh but also touch them and manipulate them. I've also used shapes, animals, and numbers. Caden learned most of his shapes in one session of play-doh:) If your child is a play-doh eater have a snack before you start and don't give up! Drake is only one and he's figured it out now after the 6th or 7th time:)

I got my cutters at Joann's with a 50 percent off coupon:) Here's a link.

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  1. Is he using a small potatoe ricer to make squigglies? BRILLIANT!


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