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Monday, May 24, 2010

Activities We've Been Upto

Our schoolroom is done as far as function is concerned:) It still needs some color and accessories but we have been enjoying it! Jack has been doing some activities in his little booster chair. He really enjoyed this activity that I got at the dollar store.
Drake and Caden have both enjoyed sorting these marbles by size.
I printed off this letter sheet for Caden. I just used little circles in Paintbrush and used them to form the letters. Caden used stickers to fill in each circle. He loved this so I will be making the rest of the letters.
Drake has really been enjoying working with the playdoh. There are shape cookie cutters out right now and after we cut out all of the shapes Drake matched the cutters up with the playdoh shapes.
Spooning Marbles

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Caden has been really interested in writing letters and words. This was the first word he ever wrote about a week or so ago! He was so proud to show me!

This is his second word...Ummmm I'm not sure what it means:)
I took a work book that I bought from Costco a few months ago and used the writing practice pages to put together a Dry Erase work book for him. He has chosen this off of his shelf sooooo many times and will work on it for a hour or more at times! This is the perfect example of how to follow your child's interests! If they are interested they will learn faster, happier, and retain the information better. He's loving it!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Kinda Cool

My second post that I ever posted about on this blog was the "Color Wheel". Caden was just figuring it out at that time and it was the first real pre-school tool I had ever made for him. Now Drake is using it! He has been picking it off the shelf about 3 times a day! He loves learning the colors and it's really cute to here him say "Pinch Pinch, it's a match!" LOVE IT!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I'm working on my schoolroom and I am not ready to post pics because it still needs sooooo much work but i think I am going to start posting some of my little tips for setting out activities for the boys. The first one is a sorting activity. I got this tray at the dollar store.
Drake(30 months) worked on this today and said that the dogs wanted to be with their friends:) So cute! When the counters are sorted you can also talk about same and different, more and less and greatest to least. When this gets boring I just switch out the counter with something new to sort:) Easy.

I collect different kinds of counters. Some are house hold things(paperclips, coins, spare keys ext.), while others I've collected from dollar stores and clearance sections. I keep them separated in sandwich sized Ziploc bags and store them in a shoebox sized plastic tub. Counters are great for sorting, patterns, more and less, adding, transferring activities, game pieces, do-a-dot pages, and more!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Insect Fun!

The boys have been loving insects and have been eating up every little piece of info I feed them! Caden knows all of the body part of an insect and is fascinated when he finds insects mating:) Typical boy:) We were at the flower nursery and they had live lady bugs! Grandpa bought them for the boys and we released all 1500 of them in to our backyard! It was so fun to let them crawl all over our hands and watch them fly away! Some have hung around the yard and the boys are so delighted when the find them:) So fun and only 7 dollars:)