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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's Out Wednesday!

Jack's Shelf: Nesting cups, pop together vehicles, wooden dowels in a Gatorade bottle, shape and color book, shape puzzle, sorting dogs, stacking rings.

Close up of the "messy bucket".

Action shot of Jack:)
At our "Special Table" we have a color mixing experiment that has been a huge hit!! We have three color paddles(yellow, red, and blue), a little flash light key chain, Dot paints, and little paper printouts that I made on the computer.
First the child chooses two paddles and uses the dot paints to make their equation on the paper (yellow dot + blue dot) then they put the two paddles together and shine the flash light down on to their paper to see what color is made(in the pic below J(one of my students) is making green.) Then they use the dot paint to answer the question(putting a green dot in the last circle). They keep going until they have all three possible equations.
I got some new puzzles from the Target dollar spot.
On the shelf we have our sorting and pattern trays.

The kids seemed to enjoy this tube of metal most from last weeks activity so I put it on a tray along with a little sand/metal thing and 2 magnets.
Fine red craft sand in a small wooden tray for writing with one finger.
Parmesan cheese container with pipe cleaners and buttons. I put stones in the container to give it more weight.
The kids have made a lot prettier creations then I did in this bottom pic:)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


The boys love any tool that Daddy uses so I set up this measuring activity with a tape measure.

I had Nate buy a square dowel for 97 cents and then cut it into 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 inch pieces. I used a square one so that it would stay flat while measuring, I also put out 9 little foam numbers so that once you measure you can place the correct number beside it.

Me and Caden worked on this together with all of the sticks but when I put it out on the shelf I only put out 5 sticks. Jack wanted to help:)

Caden was being so sweet asking Jack to hand him a stick and telling him Thank you even though he wasn't really being very "helpful" :) I love children!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's Out Wednesday!

The kids loved the sink or float activity so we switched it up and did Magnetic and Non Magnetic. This has been another big hit! I love using the test tubes for these activities because I can put out things that would be dangerous or messy without the risk!
(Sand, leaves, marbles, acorns, a nail, sewing pins,a magnet and little bits of metal)
I got these dry erase boards in the target dollar spot. I put out more markers so that they can practice writing or turn them to the blank side and draw pictures.
I put up our magnet letters to practice some alphabetical order. This is a picture of what Caden did by himself. It goes up instead of down and I can't find the D but oh well! It's the first time he decided to try alphabetical order on his own:)
Jack's shelf has :Nesting Barrels, Shape sorting Puzzle, Stacking Rings, Name Tracing Plate, Pop Together Vehicles, Messy Bucket with a Gatorade bottle and checkers, and a shape puzzle.
I thought I would show a little of our playroom this week. We put the climber that we usually have outside, inside so that they can get some exercise without the 115 degree weather:)
We have a shelf for some of the bigger toys.
In a corner we have three baskets: Board Books, Stuffed Animals, and Dress Up Clothes.
Our main playroom toys are in our bucket shelf.
We also have a little pretend area that I can't keep Jack away from long enough to snap a picture but it's a little Vet's office. Jack LOVES Stuffed animals and thinks they are all his:) The kids have really enjoyed this!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Watermelon Stacking

Cut watermelon into cubes, build, eat, enjoy:)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's Out Wednesday!

I got busy last week so I didn't post WOW but I am back:) Still busy but I made time for a post:)

Our Block Area has some new editions:) Meet the Family:) I used some wood blocks that I got for 50 cents at a thrift store(a gallon size bag). I colored them with sharpies.

We paired the little family with our furniture from our fire station and the kiddos all loved it. Caden and a Friend put this little house together.

On our white board we have a little Solar System action(Caden's Favorite Subject). As you can see we have a poster and planet, sun and asteroid belt magnets that I made.

Here they are in order.I also have a ring of fact cards that Caden loves to read with me (from a work book from costco).

If you want to make your own: I got the styrofoam balls from the dollar store in a bag, I sliced a slice off of the back of each one, painted them and stuck magnets on the back. Easy, fun and less then 2 bucks.

We have large side walk chalk at the easle and it's the really bright Safari chalk so the kids have really enjoyed it.

Nate hung up my old chalk board for me. The kids have their easle so Nate put this up high for me to write the letter of the day or whatever other things we are foucusing on. It's fun to have a little spot where I can get creative:) It's hanging above our white board.

Jack's Shelf: Stacking Cubes, Shape Sorter, Vehicle puzzle(that he is so CLOSE to mastering!), Name Tracing Plate, Vehichle puzzle, Nesting Barrlals, and his "Messy Tub" has plastic balls with a scoop and basket.

On the shelves we have this push pin activity. It's just large push pins and a cork board.

On the rest of the shelf we have all the basics with some twists:)

This little spot is for Caden's BOB books that he has already passed off. I told him that he can put a sticker up for himself everytime he reads a book on his own. No pressure. When he fills it in he gets to pick out a new book at Costco. I'm leaving it in his hands to see what he does with it.
On the special table we have a sink and float activity. Each test tube has one item in it that either sinks or floats and you sort it into the proper tray:)

Here it is completed. The kids have all really enjoyed this activity. Even Jack likes to put all of the test tubes in the trays:)