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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What's Out Wednesday!

Jack's Shelf: Nesting cups, pop together vehicles, wooden dowels in a Gatorade bottle, shape and color book, shape puzzle, sorting dogs, stacking rings.

Close up of the "messy bucket".

Action shot of Jack:)
At our "Special Table" we have a color mixing experiment that has been a huge hit!! We have three color paddles(yellow, red, and blue), a little flash light key chain, Dot paints, and little paper printouts that I made on the computer.
First the child chooses two paddles and uses the dot paints to make their equation on the paper (yellow dot + blue dot) then they put the two paddles together and shine the flash light down on to their paper to see what color is made(in the pic below J(one of my students) is making green.) Then they use the dot paint to answer the question(putting a green dot in the last circle). They keep going until they have all three possible equations.
I got some new puzzles from the Target dollar spot.
On the shelf we have our sorting and pattern trays.

The kids seemed to enjoy this tube of metal most from last weeks activity so I put it on a tray along with a little sand/metal thing and 2 magnets.
Fine red craft sand in a small wooden tray for writing with one finger.
Parmesan cheese container with pipe cleaners and buttons. I put stones in the container to give it more weight.
The kids have made a lot prettier creations then I did in this bottom pic:)


  1. Lots of great ideas. I love the pipecleaner button creation. What a cool idea.


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