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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Art and Literature!

I am loving our art and literature time! This was just a canvas and acrylic paint. No instructions, 1 rule...silence. We listened to a CD of poems read by different authors.

Tuesday's With Mom

I've decided to get back on blogging!!! I used to love it and it use to be a great motivator for me! I'm going to start by posting every Tuesday because that is "My"(I'll explain in another post) school day. I have a basic FLOW for the day. We get dressed, do morning chores and then eat breakfast before our school day starts. We do our workbooks first, write in our journals and then do "box time"(I'll explain later lol) before lunch. After lunch, we have reading and spelling lessons(we use "all about learning resources") then we have an open ended art activity while we listen to literature on CD. So I'm just going to jump in!!!!

Free Time!
I LOVE giving my kiddos LOTS of free time and Drake(10) has been working on this self portrait. He kept asking me to look at it and tell what didn't look right. He stood in the bathroom and looked in the mirror while he worked on it. He was very happy with it despite the look on his face lol He did that face to match his portrait haha

Ally(7) and Brandon(6) wrote their names on all of their Valentines for their home-school enrichment classes tomorrow.

Art and Literature
I have been LOVING this new time in our day! The kids sit so quietly as we listen to beautifully read literature! It's so relaxing! The art I have chosen has been VERY open ended! I purchased these wood letters at Walmart and the kids spent about half an hour to 45 minutes painting and then used glitter glue sticks to finish them off!

Although the finished project doesn't matter they always blow me away!!!

Reading and Spelling
Brandon has his cute little dog with us today!

I love the simple little games that come with this curriculum! They are so simple yet the kids LOVE them! Today we flipped eggs and read the word on the back.

That's a wrap for today! Hoping to keep this up every Tuesday!