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Sunday, March 27, 2011


I have been losing interest in blogging because it is so frustrating and time consuming to do my post on blogger. I have to upload pictures slowly and in reverse order and then delete a bunch of spaces? Does anyone know a better way? I have already bought my domain name but I don't know what to do with it. Any helpful tips or sites out there? Thanks:)


  1. A lot of bloggers use "live writer".....I have to look into it myself (Erica from Coinfessions of a homeschool did a post this week about how she "does it all" and she included a link to it there) - hope that helps......if you work it out, let me know 'casue I have the same problem! :-)

  2. I use Picasa to upload & edit my photos. Then I am able to upload them all to a web album that is compatible with Blogger. So as I type I can select the photos I need EASILY!!!! I like to post LOTS of pictures and I swear by this process! I've also used Windows Live to blog & upload!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Windowa Live Writer!!

  4. I 2nd live writer!!

  5. I also recommend windows live writer. So easy - type your post, copy and paste your photos in, click upload and you're done. Really easy to set up and you can write your posts even if you don't have a net connection.

  6. Have you given Wordpress a try?
    You can get a free blog at the .com address just to play around and see if it will work for the way you blog.
    Just my 2c.

    BTW, thanks for sharing your really interesting ideas. I enjoy reading your posts when they hit my feedreader. :)

  7. Try using photobucket. You can use their bulk uploader, upload all your photos at once, and then just copy and paste the html code into your post where ever you want your picture to be. (switch to html mode in the posting screen). Plus, if you do pics this way, it doesn't take away from your alloted amount of space on blogger.

  8. Windows Live Writer, definately. So much more time effective and simple to use.


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