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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Letters U and V

My amazing friend Brittany came and played her viola for us! It was beautiful and the kids really enjoyed it. For one song I gave each child their own musical instrument so they could play alongSmile


V is for vacuum


On the shelf

Spooning Acorns


Sorting U and V beads


Coins in an Easter egg bank that I got from the Target dollar spot


Celebrating spring with some flowers and butterflies


V is for Vehicles


U shaped glass things


Small Group

Talking about vegetables and all of the healthy vitamins and minerals in them and then we drew pictures of our favorite veggies!


V is for Volcano! We learned about volcanoes and then did the classic volcano experiment! I lined up 8 test tubes and put baking soda in each one. Each child got a turn to use a bulb syringe to squirt red colored vinegar to make their explosion!



We welcomed Spring with fake flowers and pots in the sand area, Huge HitSmile


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  1. can you tell me where to get good tweezer tongs? I am loving your blog and so glad I stumbled upon it! Perfect activities for my boy!


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