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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Science with Daddy!

For Christmas I made My husband and our boys a “Science with Daddy kit”!


The inspiration for this idea was these cute little science stands that the boys made at a Lowes Building Clinic. They also got a free pair of goggles each!


It came with experiment idea cards and I had more of my own to add(No idea where to get them, they were left behind here when we bought our house). We stuck all of the cards into a page protector on the front of the lid.


Anyway, I went through all of the cards with my husband and he picked out ones that sounded fun to him. Then I went to work making a list of every material and then filled the bucket!

I plan to share the activities they do and the first one they chose was the volcano! Not surprised!


So cute in the goggles and the little play-doh cans were perfect for holding the test tubes!


That super red color is thanks to half a packet of dollar store cool aid

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They absolutely loved this time with Daddy and can’t wait to do more! I have some plans to add to this with a dry erase sheet where they can write predictions and out comes and “Why it works”. For now they are just having fun with their Daddy!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!


From Nathan, Samantha, Caden, Drake, Jack, Ally, and baby Brandon(coming soon January 12th)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Balance the Marble

This is how the activity looks on the shelf.


First the child dumps the marble out of the cup and turns the cup upside down.


Next they use the 2 spoons(pampered chef) to grab the marble.


Then balance the marble on top of the cup



Once that is accomplished they use the spoons to move the marble back to the tray and turn the cup over and use the spoons to get the marble back in the cup.


Return it to the shelf. Very tricky work but the kids enjoy the challenge!

What’s Out Wednesday

Last week I gave Ally this magnetic wand along with the jumbo jingle bells from the dollar store. She loved it, so…


I decided to add all of the bells and ornaments from the trays we were done with to the sensory bin along with two magnetic wands! The kids really liked seeing what would stick and what wouldn’t.


Our nativity figures continue to come out! ( I plan on using this as our props for our Christmas book during circle time)


Shocking how popular these cookie cutters as stencils were! The kids love them and use them every day so I added the other shapes and they loved them too!


My Caden was especially in love with this activity!


Roll a Christmas tree adapted from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Roll a number, put that color “ornament” on the tree, and let a friend roll till the tree is full and colorful! You could easily make this game by drawing a tree(or cut it from green construction paper), find some colored buttons or beads or candies, and have fun! (The “tray” is a puzzle board)


I helped each child make a dot Christmas tree! I made a printable for this last year and this year we just used plain paper to place on top! Worked great and the kids love it!


Christmas color patterns!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Activities Preview

These activities are NOT all out right now. But I decided to take pictures incase you want to try some this month:)

Writing Center, I will likely be adding more to this but there are several other writing activities so we’ll see.


Manger scene activity. The manger is from the Target dollar spot for $2.50:) In the golden ornament box is a miniature nativity set.


They were ornaments that my Mom gave me but I snipped the gold ribbons off of the top so that the are just figurines now.


Drink stirrers in to an empty bacos container.


Tic-tac-toe game


Spooning ornaments into a pattern on an egg tray. This a little trickier then it looks because the spoon is very shallow.


Tonging giant bells


Chocolate tin turned into a stationary box. There is a stack of about 50 cards in 5 different styles with envelopes. These were all purchased on clearance last year by my sister for next to nothing!


Large gingerbread people to trace and then hopefully decorate in some way(I’m leaving that up to them, they could choose any of the art supplies we have out. We’ll see what they come up with?) I got these cookie cutters in a big box of cookie cutters from Joann's.015

Sorting Erasers(dollar store last year)


Christmas Do a Dot that I made and posted about last year! This year we will be pressing a white sheet of paper on top:)


Dollar store game


Christmas Sensory Bin, White beans(snow), Jewels, pom poms, tiny ornaments, laces with letter beads, ceramic trees(salt and pepper shakers on clearance from last year) finger puppets, Santa bag, cups and scoops:)


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What’s Out Wednesday!

This is actually from last Wednesday tooSmile

We reviewed our colors by giving each child a color card to find something in the playroom that matched. They loved it and did really well!


We are learning the letters B and D this week so I took to of the covers of books we read and laminated them. Then I cut them up and put magnets on the back for quick puzzles.


Magnifying glass and shells to sort and explore


Front and back sorting


Dinosaur Stamps


Dino matching


Dino sizing by Confessions of a homeschooler


B and D puzzles


Thanks giving stickers


Jack used his name card with a dry erase marker


Sand writing tray is always out


Our first Christmas activity is the Christmas sensory bin! It’s a huge hit!


Drake got this Ice-cream shop for his birthday and shared it with the class


Crayon Rocks


Magnetic dressing boy


Dry erase letter work by Confessions of a homeschooler(I put them in page protectors and then on a clip board)


Magnet builders


Next What’s Out Wednesday will be all decked out for Christmas!