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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Letter M and N!!!

Everything we did this week is not pictured so if you would like to see our entire lesson plan click on the link below
Play Time
The kids all love these foam blocks!

Computer Time

Blaster!! The kids really enjoyed this reading game

On the Shelf

***M is for Magnets***

Magnetic dressing boy

Magnet rings (depending on the way you place them they float or stick)

Horse Shoe magnet with sand and metal shavings activity

Magnet wand with test tubes containing magnetic and non-magnetic things

New Puzzles

M is for different sized marbles

Collage Materials and glue sticks

N is for Nuts and Bolts

Tonging Cedar Balls

M is for Mirror. I put out a little basket of objects for the kids to place on the mirror and study the reflections

M is for Monkeys!!!
Small Group
We wrote our names in our journals with these mini gel pens that I got from the Target dollar spot. We used our name cards for reference as we wrote. The mini gel pens were great for encouraging them to write because they were excited about the new writing tool! I'll be saving these for more exciting writing adventures:)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Friday Wrap-Up K and L

I washed my camera!!!!!! Grrrrrrrr! I got this nice little camera so I can just take pictures quickly and then put it back in my pocket:) It was perfect till I left it in the pocket when I put my laundry in the washer! I felt so dumb! Live and learn! Anyway, so I had to use my bigger camera so it was hard to get as many pictures this week but we did have a very fun and full week!

We passed out or Valentines and the kids were all so excited and so cute!!! Even Jack handed his out and I loved watching him:)

K is for Kitchen:) Lots of fun in the kitchen EVERY week:)
Some really good and creative block play going on this week!
Still enjoying the Valentines playdoh:)
K is for kites! I love Confessions of a Homschooler!
I introduced the computer this week and everyone was excited but we haven't all gotten turns yet:) We use headphones so we don't disrupt the rest of the class:)
L is for Lizard!!!!! A friend brought in his Bearded Dragon Lizard and the kids thought it was sooooo cool! When ever I have a visitor come I prep the kids before hand. I ask them what questions we could ask and help give them some ideas. That way when our guest arrives their little brains are already cooking with questions and interest:)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Wrap-Up! (last week)

So Last Monday was spent like this:(
We were all sick and so were several of the other students:( We postponed Letters K and L for the following week:)
While we waited for our friends to all getter better we had a lesson on germs!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Friday Wrap up I and J

This week we learned all about the letters I and J!
Everything we did is not pictured. To view our entire weekly plan click below.
Circle Time
We sung a fun song called "Jack in the Box" at circle time and it was loved by all! It goes like this;
Jack in the box
still as a mouse,
deep down inside your little dark house
Jack in the box, resting so still,
Will you come out?...
YES I WILL!!!!!!
Or animals and babies got a lot of love this week

We had out the doctor kit that my sister let me borrow and we had a lot of sick animals on our hands!
On the Shelf
I is for investigating stones
We got these new pipsqueak markers the I and and the kids Love!!
See and spell by Melissa and Doug
I is for insects in the sensory bin
I is for igloo building inspired by the Rocker Mom
I is for inches. I taped a little home made measuring tape to the tray and as they measured they would put the correct number next to the rod.
I put out some February Playdoh:)

J is for Jar. Spooning marbles into a jar I is for sorting insects with tongs
Number Puzzles

Lots of block play as usual!
I is for insects. I love this book! I have the kids wear head phones. Small Group
I is for inches. We took turns getting thing from the shelves to measure with 1 inch cubes. I is for insects! We talked about all of the parts that make up an insect and then drew pictures of the ones we had in our sensory bin.
Outside Time
I is for looking for insects! We actually found a very large fly that was to cold to fly. The kids all helped count his body parts and then we put him on a tree to warm up:)

J is for Jungle Gym. Grandpa built this for the kiddos! It is the most popular toy in the backyard!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Organizing Your Play Kitchen

This is our kitchen! It is one of the most popular areas in our playroom and it was driving me crazy!!! It was always a mess and I think it was discouraging quality pretend play!

First I took pictures of each thing in it's proper place. Then I taped down the pictures:) I didn't put anything in the oven, or on the counter or stove top. I did that so that the kids only pull out what they want to use instead of digging a bunch of stuff out just so they can use the oven/dishwasher/dryer.
I also screwed in some small brass hooks for the aprons to hang on the side...
...and the hot pads above the stove.
I Love this Kitchen and, now it's getting even more use then it was before, because it is more inviting! I had a new girl in my class say, "Hmmm, I need to put the pizza away, oh there's a picture, I know where it goes!" I was in teacher heaven:)