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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Friday Wrap up I and J

This week we learned all about the letters I and J!
Everything we did is not pictured. To view our entire weekly plan click below.
Circle Time
We sung a fun song called "Jack in the Box" at circle time and it was loved by all! It goes like this;
Jack in the box
still as a mouse,
deep down inside your little dark house
Jack in the box, resting so still,
Will you come out?...
YES I WILL!!!!!!
Or animals and babies got a lot of love this week

We had out the doctor kit that my sister let me borrow and we had a lot of sick animals on our hands!
On the Shelf
I is for investigating stones
We got these new pipsqueak markers the I and and the kids Love!!
See and spell by Melissa and Doug
I is for insects in the sensory bin
I is for igloo building inspired by the Rocker Mom
I is for inches. I taped a little home made measuring tape to the tray and as they measured they would put the correct number next to the rod.
I put out some February Playdoh:)

J is for Jar. Spooning marbles into a jar I is for sorting insects with tongs
Number Puzzles

Lots of block play as usual!
I is for insects. I love this book! I have the kids wear head phones. Small Group
I is for inches. We took turns getting thing from the shelves to measure with 1 inch cubes. I is for insects! We talked about all of the parts that make up an insect and then drew pictures of the ones we had in our sensory bin.
Outside Time
I is for looking for insects! We actually found a very large fly that was to cold to fly. The kids all helped count his body parts and then we put him on a tree to warm up:)

J is for Jungle Gym. Grandpa built this for the kiddos! It is the most popular toy in the backyard!

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  1. Love how the baby is sitting there with the children taking everything in. I love seeing all the activities you set up for the children and the delight on their faces. It's very inspirational!


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