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Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's Out Wednesday! Link Up

I've gotten several comments asking if I will be doing a link up for What's Out Wednesday. Before I go through all of the effort of learning how to do this whole linky thing I wanted to know if anyone would be interested so I put up a poll to the right. If you would please vote that would be great and if you want to leave a comment telling me how to do a link up lol that would be great!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Gardening!

First of all I wanted to mention that I will be posting a new "What's Out Wednesday" next week! But we have been outside working together in our Garden! The boys had so many questions about the seeds and the sprouts and roots that we decided to do a little experiment. We took a few of each of the seeds we had planted in the garden and put them in a plastic sandwich bag with a wet paper towel. We taped them to the window and observed them each day:)

The boys loved watching the seeds sprout and grow! We will do this again when we plant out winter and summer plants.

Friday, September 17, 2010


I'm in love!!!! Caden worked with me this morning to plant our first garden! He did great an even I was surprised at all he was learning (un planned learning!) while spending time gardening! Here's a little list of everything we talked about this morning;

Plants (duh), We talked about roots, the sun, the leaves soaking up the sun and why the plants needed water!

Fine motor skills; using scissors to cut the seed packs and to trim roots! No joke he did this like a pro gardener! I just turned around and he had the plant very gently upside down in his hand and was trimming the roots!!! He took it so seriously! He also had to work very hard to pinch just the right amount of seeds!

Colors, size, counting, reading(the names of the plants)!

Also a ton of logical thinking was going on! I told Caden that we would be planting peas and that they needed to climb up something as they grow! Where should we plant them so that they can grow up?? It took Caden a little while but then "he" got the idea that they could grow up the dog's fence. I thought it was great idea so the peas are planted towards the back:)

Friday, September 3, 2010


Just in case anyone thinks having all these little ones is easy for me:) Here are two pictures of me trying to get the kids to take a picture for Grandpa!

Am I crazy?? Maybe a little, but you'd have to be to do this job:)