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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Block Play Props

I can not express how much I love block play! ONE of my favorite things(I have many) is that you can add props and get a whole new way to play! This month we have out horses.


There are all kinds of props you can add; cars, balls, animals, scarves, lights, holiday decorations, sticks, and rocks! The possibilities are endless!


There was so much pretending and conversation going on between these three! Love it!


Brandon’s(9 months) First “School” Activity

Brandon had his first INVITED trip to the school room! He has snuck in before;) His first activity was 2 bowls and a ball:) I was really surprised at how much he was “learning” with such a simple activity.


“Can I eat it?”


“Hey! Get back here!”


“What’s on the bottom?”


“hmmm, still tastes the same!”


“Can I have brother’s markers?”


“What happens when I throw it?”


Answer: It’s loud and Mommy says, “All Done”!

Patterns on the Light Table

This activity was so visually stimulating! The pictures don’t do it justice!029

This is how the activity was set up. I put it all on the side so the child would have the option to just use the bears or use the tray as well.


Some kids made patterns…


and some tried to sort:) lol The best they could;) I added the tongs because I always try to slip in way to strengthen fine motor muscles!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Textured Alphabet Board

I have always loved Montessori sandpaper letters! With babies and toddlers in the house, I wanted to find a safe and easy way to get the same effect but without all of the individual pieces. To make this yourself you just need a sheet of quarter inch plywood. Get them cut to whatever sizes you want. Draw the letters in pencil first and then trace them in Elmer's glitter glue. I chose different colors but you could use just red and blue like the Montessori ones. Let it dry and secure it to the wall in the play room! We have had ours up for over 2 years and it is still perfect! I love that my babies and toddlers can explore the letters without damaging it:)


I also made one for shapes!


Eraser Sensory Bin

Erasers, tongs, paint trays and various containers! This was a hit!


Gathering Zebras


Tonging smiles



Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Simple Felt and Elastic Crowns

I made these for my daughters birthday party favors! They turned out so cute and the kids wore them for the whole party! My kids are still wearing them a month later!

(Stayed on during eating, presents, cake and even swimming!)


Princess Crowns


Boys were coming to the party too so I made kingly crowns as well!


Start with two pieces of craft felt, pin them together so that you can cut out the shape of a crown.


Depending on how stretchy your elastic is you will have to test it around you kiddos head. I used 1/8th Braided Elastic-047

Cut it and pin it into one side of the crown.


Start sewing on the side with the elastic so that it is secured.


Try to sew evenly around the crown stopping and turning the crown as needed.


when you get to the other side insert the other end of the elastic and continue sewing till you meet your first stich.


Trim off any excess.


Then just hot glue on jewels or sew on buttons or even sequins!


You can get 4 crowns from 2 pieces of felt! That makes this project super cheap and easy!


Light Table with Color Paddles