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Monday, April 30, 2012

Friend Magazine Questions

This Summer we will be focusing all of our homeschooling on READING! We are going to read read READ! My kids love to read and honestly with the exception of circle time I have not been reading as many books to the kids as I would like(way less actually). So to go along with our Summer of Reading we will be reading our entire “Friend Magazine” each month together:)

We are also going to work on comprehension of what we read as well. So each month I will be making questionnaires for the articles in the friend.

I thought others might enjoy them as well so click below to print them for yourself.

The Friend Questions
for May 2012

You can read the articles online. Some are very specific to my religion(Mormon-The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints) but most are just good moral lessons:)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Letter Palooza!

We finished our “Letters of the Week” so for the last 2 weeks we reviewed them all. We focused on our names, reading and letter sounds.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Part 3-Animals

This week we learned all about Animals! More specifically baby animals. We talked a lot about how different animals have their babies and feed them in different ways.

Circle Time

The top row of books were read at circle by me and the bottom row were out on the shelf with the other Spring books.


We sung “Grandpa’s Farm”, “One Little Bird”(a favorite!) and “Down on The Farm”.


We also got out our bunny during circle time! She was so sweet and hopped to each child as they petted her! The kids loved it!


Small Group

After reading about the kittens we drew pictures about them and used stickers from the book.


We worked together with 2 folder games.


I put them on the white board so the kids could use the magnets to put the correct pictures up.


We drew pictures of our favorite animals and then wrote about if it was a mammal and why or a bird and why.


On the Shelf

Farm sensory box with corn kernels


Animal word puzzles


Matching animals to pictures


Outside Time

My sister let me borrow two of her ducks for the week! They were so fun to watch diving under the water and splashing around:)


I let the kids help collect the chicken eggs and we talked about how they will not turn into chicks because there is no Rooster.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Organized Playroom Closet

Just Cleaned my playroom closet! Ahhhhh that feels better!!!
Tip! Gallon size zip lock bags!!!!! I can see every thing and it’s so much better then a bunch of random sized containers!