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Friday, January 8, 2010

Frustrated and a Good Idea:)

So I'm frustrated because there were some glitches in the paper work so we had to postpone our signing and moving. This would have been frustrating no matter what but to make things worse...I've already packed the whole apartment!!!!! I have been trying to get the boys out of the apartment as much as possible and there have been a lot of computer games and movies:( I will be moving next weekend instead of this weekend and I wanted to find some ways to practice reading with Caden with what I had not packed yet(yes, I had packed all of the books including his BOB books!). I hadn't packed this drawing thing because it was in the car so me and Caden snuggled on my bed and I wrote out the word cat. He worked on sounding it out and we talked about the "AT" sound. Then I slid the slider bat and just erased the first letter and replaced it with an H. We sounded out all of the "AT" words I could think of and he really liked it. I didn't talk about rhyming but I plan to the next time we do this activity:)

After we were done Caden practiced writing his name at his own request:)


I am so grateful for this blog! I love all of your comments and I have really missed blogging! I know now how important it is to me:) While I am on my break I will be working on updating my labels list to the side:) I've neglected it for months! :)


  1. Superb idea. Good luck with the move.

  2. This is a great idea! I'm looking forward to trying it!

  3. Hi there! I just gave you an award. You can come over to my blog if you want to pick it up. And if not, just know that I LOVE your blog and all the ideas you share!

  4. I know what you mean. Blogging can be therapeutic...who knew?

  5. That's a great use for those magnetic drawing things. We'll have to try that soon.

  6. You know I know the "fun" of moving. We signed our lease then went straight to the house only to realize as we looked about that there was mold in the kitchen and bathrooms. Its better now. Soon you will be in your home, YOUR HOME! So sweet!

    I plan on getting one of those things for Sarah so we can practice all manner of things, words and pictures. I can't wait! Well, accept that means she won't be a baby anymore ad I can wait for that. They grow too fast!

  7. Wait, so what about the facebook pics of you getting the keys, the before pics, the split open scalp on your hubby, and painting the living room? You even have a rug. Whats up with that. Well, I guess there is a reason moving is one of the top five stressers in a persons life.


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