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Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm still here!!!

We have been so busy around here! We are packing up to move in to our new house this week and then we will be busy fixing it up! In the new house I will have a school room so there will be plenty of wonderful ideas coming soon! I hope everyone is having fun and winding down after the holidays! We had a great time and are soooooooo ready to move in to our first home! Thanks for reading!


  1. How fun! Congrats!
    I'm making B a color wheel like the one you made. (If I post about it I'll for sure link up to all of your awesome ideas!) I noticed in your posts that you mentioned a possible etsy shop. Did you ever start one?

  2. I wanted to thank you for posting in the past about the "busy books" that you made. I've made one for my youngest and just posted about it. Here's the link, if you're interested:

  3. I was worried. Your blog has been exactly what I have been looking for... I was hoping and praying you weren't gone forever. I love "What's out Wednesday". Have fun moving into your new home.


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