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Monday, January 5, 2009

Wheel of learning:)

I made this wheel for Caden. It has 10 colors on one side with ten matching clothes pins. It was really great to watch Caden focus so hard on manipulating the clothes pins. This was a great fine motor activity and another chance to learn the names of the colors. Bonus: I also wrote the name of the color so He's learning word recognition at the same time!

I laminated this wheel so that it would last a long time and I HATE wasting laminating sheets so I needed to think of something for the back as well! In comes the counting side! The idea is to count the stars and then fine the clothes pin with that number on it! I didn't plan to use this with Caden for a while but he seemed interested so we did it together. We counted together, found the right clothes pin, and then he attached it. It was great counting practice.

I plan on starting an Etsy shop but I want to see if there would be an interest. Is there anyone out there who would want one of these for their child?


  1. I love this idea and want to make one for Sariah tomorrow (maybe using the actual words for the color side).

    This is a perfect blog for you and I can't wait to see what else you come up with.

  2. This is also great!! I actually made the same thing for my son, minus the counting side on the back. I made mine much smaller, with only 4 colours (Egg, my son, is 5. He has autism and whilst he knows all his colours etc he struggles with direction). I have been thinking for a while that I could make some stuff to sell, I have seen a few people sell this sort of stuff on e bay. I think you should def try selling some stuff.

  3. Yes, yes! Such a creative idea. I love the idea of an Etsy shop for this type of materials. I'm not crafty or handy in the least but I would love having one of these for my son. Will you let me know if you set up a shop.

    Just read the comment above about ebay-I think those sellers get lost on eBay.

  4. Oh no, I wasn't suggesting e bay, it was just the only place I had seen stuff like this, before I read the post I didn't think etsy was for stuff like this(can you tell how much I know about etsy?! LOL)

  5. I just found you from the Crafty Crow and I have to say you have some amazing ideas. I have a 3 year old and a 16 month old who are very active and need lots of activities. I love this color wheel and can't wait to browse your blog some more for other great ideas. I know I will visit often.

  6. I would be super interested you selling your adorable Bitty Busy Books on Etsy. I would buy at least two for my children. I don't sew at all (totally clueless) but I absolutely adore your book and would love to have one exactly like yours. Is there any chance of you making them to sell on Etsy??

  7. Have you opened an etsy site yet? I want to buy so many of your things!!! :)


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