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Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Wrap Up E and F

Another Great week!!! This isn't all that we did but it is all that I got pictures of:)
Collecting things that start with E and F (the watermelon and Kiwi were Fruit)
Fishing for letters! The kids loved this and I really want to make a fabric set.
On the Shelf
F is for counting and sorting Fish
F is for farm animals. I put out pictures and farm animal figurines.
E is for elephants all in a row:)
F is for flipping frogsElephants and Flowers in the pattern tray, this was a little tricky for some:)
Gone Fishing;)
In our writing area we had our practice sheets and envelopes!
I used the magnets on the white board to spell out words that they wanted to write on their cards! The envelopes were a huge hit!

F is for flower arranging
E and F sorting, pretty tricky! F is for fire!!!! Another huge hit!
Empty/Full sorting!
Small Group
Sink or Float Outside
Painting with little brushes!
Letter E egg hunt!

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