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Thursday, February 11, 2010


We are so sick around here:( I'm the least sick of the bunch and I was wondering if any of you have ideas for fun things to do with the boys besides watching endless movies??? Anybody?? Cough*cough* sniffle:(


  1. We've been sick for two weeks now and it has been pretty much non stop movies and snuggles. Whenever the boys have a little more energy and it's been sunny I let them run around in the backyard for a bit. We've been reading lots of books and playing with duplo and action figures too. Nothing like snuggling and pretending to make you cough/laugh. :)

  2. Bummer! Movies and curious george are big helps around here when we're sick. But low energy playing is always good...playdough, mr. potato heads, file folder games. Another idea--teach them how to juice oranges and turn it into a lesson of how we need lots of vitamin C when we're sick. Get better!

  3. Oh man. Hope you all feel better soon!
    Maybe to get ready for for Valentine's day, could have them sit and color valentines for each other!
    You could also try a fishing game. We tried one a few days go with hearts and family members names. It was a big hit!

  4. B has been sick too and we've watched so much tv that HE has been getting tired of it. =) Is set up 4 stations at the kitchen table with fun, simple activities that we've done before. Then, whenever he wants he runs over and tries out the ones that interest him. Usually he runs back to the couch a few times before he actually finishes one. This morning I have playdough, watercolor painting, transfering activity, and valentine hearts with stickers to decorate.
    Hope you guys feel better!

  5. Maybe make a tent to read in?? I saw aomewhere once someone made a playmat of a town and roads etc to play cars in bed...maybe even on a card board box would work?


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