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Friday, January 10, 2014

Update and Randomness:)

So I have been absent from this blog for a while and it's always awkward to start up again after a break so I am just going to hit you all with a big random post of things we've been up to. The truth is I have been writing blog post in my head but I am just too busy to get back into it. So an update before I dive in to the pictures. I am still teaching 3 classes of preschool at home, My kids are 7,6,4,3,and 2 years old:) Homeschooling is going great! I love it!

This  my little baby turned 2 today and my sister made him this white cake and gave him all of the stuff for him to decorate it himself! He was in Heaven!!!

We go to our local Science center about 2 times a month and they have done some really great activities with the kids! For this activity Camilla(in the purple and tie dye) filled a bowl with Soapy water and had Ally(3) blow bubbles with a straw. Once there were a lot of bubbles, Ally picked what colors of food coloring she wanted and dripped it all over the bubbles.
Then she pressed her paper on to the bubbles! It was the coolest effect and so simple!

Caden(7) learned all of his U.S states by playing this app called Stack the states in less then a week! He still plays it and loves it!!

Caden has also been building with our Duplo bricks a lot and loving it! He is usually a Lego guy but I think he enjoyed the big results-in a short amount of time, aspect of Duplo
Drake(6) and Caden(7) have a morning routine of Morning work(Purchased a years worth at TPT) Writing in their journals, and then doing their chores.
That's it for now but I really do miss posting so hopefully I will get back into it:)

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  1. Love the Duplo stuff! My kids are really into Legos right now. Such fun pictures.


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