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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Second Preschool Day!

Getting better:) The kids are really taking to our Preschool day. Me and Misty are having so much fun! We noticed when Misty is in charge my kids listen better and when I am in charge her kids listen better. We are going to see if we can play that to our advantage:) We had some yummy pasta for lunch and then headed over to circle time. I was in charge of circle today so I sang, Down on Grandpa's Farm, A Ram Sam Sam, and the ABC song with sign Language. We also danced to Bop Til You Drop by Greg and Steve and then read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Drake actually sat with us for circle, some of it anyway:) Misty planned table time and it was great! We decided to go with a number theme since I did one through three last week she did the number 4. She used craft foam with a sticky back to cut out four shapes and the kids sorted them out into the correct section of the paper. We sorted without sticking them on first and it went great but when we moved on to sticking it proved to be too much for them to focus on.
Drake just kept transferring shapes from the bag to the table and back again. He was actually quite focused.
Caden did a great job of sorting and when it came to sticking he decided to stack each shape in a pile. I love watching him work:)
The outside activity was bubble wrap. The kids walked on it which was a fun sensory activity and then pinched the little bubbles with their fingers which was a great fine motor activity!

Water break and a video about shapes.
We have a cork board where we tack up their work so that when the Daddies get home they can "oooh" and "aaah". I know it needs to be cleaned up:) Thursday I am in charge of table time and I have the number 5:)

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  1. this are some awesome activities, thanks for sharing :)


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