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Sunday, October 16, 2011


Small Group

(this is a time where I lead an activity with all of the children together)

Finish the Picture

I gave each child their choice of a sticker from a sticker book and they finished the picture. Then I wrote their words.


Water color painting was a huge hit! We will be doing it again soon.


Another day we worked together to complete a number train puzzle.


Lacing Beads


Word Puzzles


Work Time

Art and Writing

(Crayon rocks, new pencil grips, pens and paint cards from Lowes, collage materials with glue sticks)



(Push pins with cork coasters, puzzle turned magnets, Animal puzzle, butterfly life cycle puzzle, Pop together beads, shape puzzles)


Sensory Tub

(Theme: Colors! beads, pom poms, pipe cleaners, colored stones, nesting barrels, scoops and cups)


Circle Time

(This is where I lead the children in Calendar time, Learning board, finger play songs and a story read by me)


Every circle time we choose one element on our learning board to play a game with. The children's favorite game is to find some thing in the room.

Here they looked for 3 things and then took turns showing the rest of the class and all counting together.


Here they all looked for something green.


Here we focused on our first Country and talked about the coins, money, animals, and flag.


Can’t wait to fill in the rest!


Play Time

(free play in the playroom until moms pick up, There are many more toys but this is what I took pictures of)

Pizza Play, Mr. Potato Head, Fire Station




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