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Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Arachnid Match Up!

This is NOT on our shelves YET!

I am putting together some fun Halloween inspired activities and I am sharing them early incase you’d like to try them with your little oneSmile

To do this activity the child uses a slotted spoon or tweezers, or their hands to sift out the arachnids one at a time. Then they match them to the pictures.


I bought the spiders for a dollar at the target dollar spot(all in a pack but I added the scorpion from some other bugs I had). The big Halloween bowl is also from the target dollar spot. I just bought these so they should still have them. Now pour in some riceSmile


To make the photo matching page, put all of your items onto a white sheet of printer paper(thanks for the tip Chasing Cheerios!). Take a picture from right up above it in a very well lit room. I upped the contrast and then the brightness to make my background whiter. Then print it and put it in a page protector(I put a piece of cardstock in with it to firm it up)


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