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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Preview

I snapped some pictures before I let the kids at these on Monday. Just incase any of you want to try them this week:)

What’s inside?

I put one tiny object in each egg. The child opens the egg and places the object on the white felt.

005Once all the eggs are open they put one item back in each egg. This works their fine motor skills and one to one correspondence counting.008

Ribbon Weaving

I got the rack at the dollar tree and the ribbon from my stash:) The activity works fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.


Open/Close Color Matching

Roll the die and open that color. Keep rolling till you open them all.

020Once they are all opened match the colored rabbits back to their colored eggs.021

Egg Patterns and Tonging

Use the tongs to transfer the eggs and if the child would like they can make a pattern.


Counting Eggs

Match the numeral on one half to the correct number of dots on the other half.


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  1. I love your blog!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! I've been in search of fun ways to incorporate more counting and colors into my Toddler's daily play!


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