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Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Part 2- Flowers and Plants!

Circle Time

We read Clifford’s Spring Clean Up, The Lorax (LOVE!), and Mouse’s First Spring


We sang “Flower Shop”. It’s the same song as “Bakery shop” but there were “10 little flowers with petals on top!” The kids loved the variation and I made laminated flowers to go along with the song!


We also sang, Plant a Little Seed, Apples Peaches, Pears and Plums, and Farmer Brown had 5 Green Apples. If any one want to hear the sung, let me know and I will make some videos:)


Our neighbors have this lovely pecan tree that follows the seasons perfectly! It’s right outside our playroom window so I refer to it during circle quite often. You can see in this picture that it is getting tiny spring leaves!


Small Group

Parts of a Flower

I used a sharp knife to open a flower and we used a magnifying glass and flower diagram to identify all of the parts and their purpose. After that the kids all got a chance to open a flower(with their fingers, not the knife).


We painted wooden chip board flowers (pack of 10 at the dollar tree). Big hit and they turned out pretty!


On the Shelf

Button flowers! Best picture I got this week but there are more stems and more buttons in the bucket.


We used some printables from Homeschool Creations


We looked at cotton blossoms with a magnifying glass


I put out lots of floral papers from my scrap book collection, in the art area.


Counting with flower erasers



We took walks through my garden everyday to see how seeds were growing and how flowers were blooming.


We have a new trampoline from my dad and it was a huge hit all week


Flowers in the sand box is always a hit


And Running! LOL These kids love to run!


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  1. Yes, I would love to see videos of the songs if you have time and are willing. You amaze me with all you do.

    Also, I was wondering where you get your laminating sheets. I have a laminator from Amazon but honestly I can't find the sheets at a good price. You seem to laminate everything and so I'm thinking maybe you find them for a good deal? angellsworth at gmail com



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