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Thursday, March 12, 2009

So Simple!

When my two nieces were coming over I already knew that they were sick so I decided to make each of the kids one of these cups. I bought a pack of Take and Toss straw cups and used letter stickers to spell each of the children's names. I also put the first letter of their name on the lid. I only did this in hopes that the sickness wouldn't spread (it didn't work! my boys got sick anyway), but I found a surprising side effect. They all started to talk about the letters and their names! They thought it was so cool that they each had their on unique letter. Even little Drake started saying "D, d, d, d, d". It was so cute! I loved hearing Caden point to each letter and get so excited, "C-A-D-E-N... Caden!!!". I am going to keep using these cups as their water cups so that they will continue to recognize their names but this has really got me thinking about some other activities! I want to nurture Caden and Drake's excitement! I'll let you know what I come up with:)

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