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Monday, April 5, 2010

Our First Butterfly

Our first butterfly has emerged and the boys were soooo excited! They called their Aunt Summer and told her all about it! We have it in the center of the kitchen table so that we can watch the next 9 emerge!
It was such a wonderful opportunity for them to see what we have been reading in the books! We talked about the crumpled wings and how the butterfly has to hang and let them dry. The directions said that the butterflies would like cut up oranges so we put some of them in amongst the flowers. Before we put them in I showed the boys how a butterfly eats. I gave them each a bendy straw and let them stick it in to the orange. They loved doing it! It was a great hands on activity! Then when we put them in we got to watch the butterfly land right on the orange, uncurl it's tongue and start drinking! It was so cool and the boys were so excited! This has been such a fun experience!


  1. Beautiful! What an Easter gift!:)

  2. I love the butterflies! Oh, I so can't wait to do that with Sarah. Super fun. :)

    I wrote a post with a little bit about marriage. I would love it if you could share a little bit of wisdom about how you encourage your hubby. :)


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