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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shaving Cream

Why didn't I do this sooner?? We used shaving cream when I was a teacher but i haven't gotten it out for the boys because I thought it would be too messy?? It's NOT! It was so easy to clean up and the boys LOVED it! It made them smell so good too:)

We added Dinosaurs and Cars to the mix:)

We also did a little finger writing:)


  1. My older daughter loves this too. It's great fun to add several drops of paint. If you choose just primary colors, you can drop a little of each color into a different area on the pan, and then it becomes a color mixing activity as well. Your boys look like they had a ton of fun. I think I'll add this to my mental to-do list since we haven't done it since my youngest was old enough to participate.

  2. I remember using it when I worked at a daycare before the preschool. After all the dirty diapers, we would deck them out in smocks then put the shaving cream on their big round table in the afternoon. This way the room smelled fresher when the parents got there. In a similar vain, use windex and clean the front door right before Hubby gets home and it smells like you've been hard at work cleaning. ;)

  3. I LOVE shaving cream! It's so fun for the little ones! :)

  4. Love this activity, I've done it with canned whipped cream for the littlest ones too, but that went soggy too fast.

    I like your thinking Katie!

  5. Just wondering when using Shaving cream if anyone tried to Eat it? as my three year old still likes to put all sorts of things in her mouth? or cause it smells different they won't eat it. I can tell her till I"m blue in the face "don't eat that" and she would still try and eat it? Also how young would you say is the youngest age that they would participate in this activity? This looks totally awesome and something great to do outside in the wonderful sunshine! Thanks from Jennifer


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