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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tie-Dye Shirts and A Dye History Lesson

My homeschool group is awesome! This last week my sister did a lesson on the history of dyes and then we all made shirts! One of our best activities ever! The photo below is us in our shirts 1 week later at a play date:)

My sister is so amazing with things like this! First we sat down for a welcome circle and all of the kids talked about their favorite colors. She had them all look at there clothes and try to figure out how they were colored and made.

Then she talked about how people used to dye clothes using foods, they would boil them and not wash them too often so that the colors wouldn't fade. They would also take them to places to get the re dyed. She told them about how poorer people usually wore brown colors because they were easy and cheap, and that the wealthy and royal wore purples and other bright colors because they could afford them.

To demonstrate this to the kids she gave them each a cheap white wash cloth for them to rub beets, spinach, and orange bell peppers on.

They loved this so much and they got to keep the cloth:)

They were very surprised at how bright the colors were:)

After that they all picked designs and tie dyed their own shirts! Next time we might actually use the natural dyes, but this was a great first lesson:)

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  1. Kids and tie dye is always a hit. I just love their innocence and enthusiasm for the project.


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