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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Light Table Free Play Set Up

This beautiful creation was made by one of my preschool students:)

Our light table is actually a donated tracing table from an art student:) It is on the bottom shelf and the kids sit on the floor in front of it. You can see on the shelf above it has discovery bottles with various combinations. I had the flash  on for this picture but it is actually in a dark corner under our loft.
The light table is an amazing tool in the class room. It is the perfect spot to get lost in the the light and have quiet focused time. For my son Jack(5) who is very energetic and has trouble controlling his body, loves this table, he cans sit for a long time, all alone, exploring:)

Here is what we have in our wooden box that sits on the floor beside them. All of these are dollar store finds. Little stones(transparent and solid), u shaped glass, plastic hearts, buttons, square gems, plastic flowers, plastic teddy bears, glow in the dark snakes, larger glass stones and translucent slinkies. When searching at dollar stores and spots, look for table scatter, vase fillers, party favors, and holiday sections.

In other baskets we have large buttons, letters, disks, color paddles, and little screw together pill containers also from the dollar store(huge favorite of all the kids!)

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  1. I love the idea of using an artist's tracing table.It is a lot more affordable than the light tables I have seen.
    Fun in ECSE


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