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Monday, February 23, 2009

Search your Local Thrift Store!

I found these little connecting toys at DI (my thrift store) for 50 cents! They were a Denny's toy a while back I guess, but they are great. Caden has to use a lot of finger muscles to get these little guys together. In this picture he is holding his "Motorcycle". These toys can be really difficult for some children depending on their age. We got them out about four times before Caden started to snap them together himself. I would help him build at first but have him take them apart himself. I think having him take them apart helped get him ready for putting them together!


  1. Nice find!

    I get so excited when I find a great find at the Thrift Store! I always score at least one awesome book.

    Recently, I found a Salad Spinner (for Spin Art!!) for under a buck. I was expecting to pay like $1.65 but it was even more "on sale". Awesome.


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