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Monday, February 9, 2009

Swing High, Swing Low!

I made this swing for Caden and it was easy, fun, and cheap! Here's the How To!

1. Step one is to buy about 10 feet of rope. I paid $.58 a foot for mine so it was $5.80. Make sure to get a rope that is thick and soft on the hands. I think this was mountain climbing rope?
2. The second step is to cut a 9 inch circle from 3/4 inch Plywood. I had scraps in my backyard so it was free:) Sand it smooth so that no one gets splinters
3. Drill a hole in the center of the circle just big enough for the rope to fit through.
4. Put the end of the rope through the hole and tie a knot. We also burned the end with a lighter so that it wouldn't fray.
5. We tied another knot every foot so that there would be handles to hold for sitting and for standing.6. The last step is to tie an anchor of some sort to the other end of the rope. I got mine for 2 dollars but you could get something cheaper like one of those ones that are shaped like and an "S".
Then Hang it up and have Fun! I must confess that me and my husband both gave it a try! Several times:) The grand total was 7.58 but I bet some of you thrifty Mamas could find the materials for cheaper! I bet some of you could find it in you husbands stuff in the garage:)

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