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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shape Sorter without the Sorting:)

I got this idea from The Wonder Years. This Project was for Drake (14 and 1/2 months old). While Caden loves sorting multiple shapes in to a sorter Drake is still just trying to get the darn things in there so I made him this one out of a tall frosting can. I cut a hole in the top that fits some cube blocks that we have. I cut it so that the cubes would fit perfectly so that it would be a little bit of a challenge for him. I cut a big hole in the side for retrieving the cubes. Both of the boys thought this was really fun but Drake has gone back to it several times. You can make it from any container but if you use plastic like I did tape around where you cut so that they don't scratch their hands.



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  1. I like how teeny this is, too. You could easily put this into a diaper bag to take with you, or put it in one of the cup holders in the car.


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