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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cloth Diapers

I love cloth Diapers! Every night after we put the boys to bed my husband grabs the diaper pail and takes it down stairs. He tosses them in the washer and when they are done I take them out to the back yard and string them on my "clothes line". My clothes line is actually a retractable dog leash:) As I'm grabbing the diapers out of the washer I string them on to my arm and then while holding the end of the dog leash I push them on to the line! In the morning they are are dry! Some people may not like the idea of running a load of diapers every day but it save me the money of having to buy twice as many diapers. Just look at these pictures...

That is just one day of diapers! 14 on this particular day! 6 for Jack 6 for Drake and 2 For Caden(nap time and bed time). I feel so good every night when we hang them out that I just prevented 14 poo filled diapers from going to a landfill! That's 98 diapers a week! 420 a month! 5096 a year! I highly recommend any one who is able to use cloth diapers! I bought mine from and they are the Bumkins All-in-ones. I love them:)


  1. Do the Bumkins work all night for you? That's where I've had trouble with the cloth diapers we own, otherwise I love CDing!

  2. Thank you so much for posting about your routine to keep your diapers clean. I have been considering the switch to cloth diapers since I have two little boys in diapers, but I worry about the extra time washing them since it seems I can barely keep up with the laundry as it is! Having a routine like yours would REALLY help me. Is Caden potty trained? How in the world did you manage to do that? My mom keeps telling me not to even TRY to potty train my little boy until he is at least three because "little boys just aren't interested."
    Sorry for the long comment, but it's not often I click over from Google Reader so I figured I should make it count :)
    I DO read you faithfully though!

  3. That is awesome!:) Not only are you Earth friendly, you're great with money to boot!:):):)

  4. I just found your blog through crafty Crow and I'm so glad I did!!! Do cloth diapers work well for you? Does it help you save money? We're expecting our first and I'm really considering using cloth diapers. I feel kinda silly asking this, but how exactly do cloth diapers work?! Do you rince them out right away or before you put them in the wash? Are there certain types of cloth diapers that work better than others? Any helpful advice you could give me in this area would be a big help!!!! Please email me if you have the chance - THanks!!!!


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