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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My sister, Summer, got the boys a butterfly house and ordered some caterpillars!!!! The boys are so excited and they check on their caterpillars every morning comment on how much bigger they are! We have already talked about what will happen and the boys can't wait to see the change. I went to the Library and checked out several fact books about butterflies and a few story ones. One of the fact books was a very simple book called "Butterfly Colors" by Helen Frost. It talks about the wings of the butterfly and about how they match each other.

The boys have been itching to use glitter glue so I decided to make symmetrical butterflies! We started with a whole piece of construction paper folded in half. The boys used their little fingers to squeeze different colors all over the paper. When they were finished I helped them fold if in half and they rubbed the outside with their hands. When we opened the paper we talked about how the two sides are symmetrical just like butterfly wings! When they dried I cut a butterfly shape while it was folded and then we put them up on their Wall! The boys were so excited and I really think it was a great way to learn about symmetry and butterflies(and have fun squeezing glitter glue). We will be doing more butterfly activities because the boys have been loving all things "bug" lately:)
Caden's Butterfly
Drake's Butterfly

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  1. We raised butterflies last year and it was awesome. You will all love it so much! Love your glitter butterflies!


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