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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Some Fun Birthday Traditions!

First of all! Thank You to All of Jacks Grandparents for going in on this fabulous sand box! (We need to add more sand!) Jack loves it and played in it for an hour all by himself!!! It was fun to watch him play!

We decorated butcher paper to use as Jack's rapping paper:)

He loved it:)
We also had Caden and Drake decorate Jacks first birthday cake! They loved helping and were so excited to give it to Jack! I put white frosting in to little sandwich baggies with some food coloring and the boys squished them around to mix the colors. Then, we cut a tiny hole so that they could squeeze it out on to the cake. Just add sprinkles:)
I think it turned out super cute!


  1. I love that everything here is so family oriented. That's what birthdays should be about. And the cake is adorable.

  2. I am so thankful for this post! Both of my girls birthdays are in May and I wanted to make them a sandbox for their birthday! I see that you used wood on the bottom and then put tarp over the wood to stop splinters?

  3. Oh that is so fun to let them decorate the cake! They did an awesome job!


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