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Friday, February 22, 2013

Rainbow Crafts

I recently did another post for a blog I write for about rainbows! After my 2 older children were done, my 2 younger children just had to make rainbows too!

Ally is only 2 so I did dot paints with her.


I drew one arch at a time and then she would paint it and then I would draw the next arch. Baby Brandon thought the paints looked like something to eat;)


She loved the process and results!


For my almost 4 year old Jack, we used tissue paper squares from Oriental Trading.


I would draw an arch with glue and he would wrap a little square on to his pencil eraser and then stick it on the glue. Here is a video showing how presented by my Jack-Jack!

I started helping to add papers too when he got to yellow and he really enjoyed that! He liked that we were doing it together!


He loved this project and it was so pretty and textured when it was done!


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  1. Love the tissue paper rainbow, I think even the big kids would enjoy that one :-)


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