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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Solar System Preschool Activities

Here is last year’s post, just follow the link or click the picture below…

Solar System Activities


We did a bunch of the same activities as last year but I changed up a few…

Tonging different sized marbles into a large deviled egg tray. The idea was for it took look like planets in orbit. I loved how some of the marbles were large and heavy and others, were medium and then small. It gave a different feel each time they picked one up. That means they had to adjust their strength on the tongs each time.


I added a large magnifying glass to these space flash cards. They used these a lot! They loved looking at the stars and planets close up.


This year we put our magnetic planets on a metal baking sheet with a flash card showing the order of the planets. They didn’t all follow the order:)


I love putting puzzle pieces in a little basket. The children seem more drawn to complete it and try it.


Another new thing I am doing this year is putting worksheets on our dry erase easel. They are in page protectors so the children can erase and redo them. This also makes it easy to switch them out. Another reason I did this is because writing on a wall can strengthen different muscles in the hand than writing on a table can.



  1. Flashcard has picture, so children will feel more excited with studying. I have a 2-year-old boy. He is interested in using flashcard for studying alphabet and playing games. But his favourite tool is digital flashcard, not flashcard by hand. It is more convenient and useful. Superflashcard is a popular example. It allows for downloading free and can bring everywhere.

  2. Where did you get your magnetic planets?

    1. I made them:) Dollar store styrofoam balls, hand painted them and then cut a little slice off of the back and put a magnet on it:)


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