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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

R is for Rainbow!

At circle time we made a rainbow out of toys!


The kids loved it! I started by asking the children if they knew the first color of the rainbow! Then I asked them all to grab one toy from the room that was RED! Once they all contributed their toy and sat down I asked the next color in the rainbow, this went on until we had the entire rainbow!


The kids loved the activity and they thought their rainbow was beautiful! Some of the kids got more then one toy and others would come back with the wrong color. I would just say, “That’s a blue toy, can you find a yellow one?” and they would trot off to try again!


You can easily do this activity with one child by going on a color hunt together for each color!

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  1. that's a great fun idea !
    as always


  2. That is really cute! My 2 year old did an R is for Rainbow project this past week, too!

  3. I just did this with my 2 daughters(2 and almost 4) and they loved it. They were racing around their playroom looking for the appropriate color. They weren't so interested in the cleanup of the rainbow, reading all the projects you do with your kids and trying them with mine..thanks

    1. I'm so glad they had fun!!!! Bummer about not cleaning up:( So glad you are having fun and thanks for reading and commenting;)


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