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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Toddler Activities

I get the question- “What activities should I do with my toddler?” so often that I decided to search through my blog and collect a bunch of pictures from toddler days!! These are all from about 12-24 months. they do not all have descriptions but it is pretty obvious from the pictures what it is:) Now when I get this question I can refer them to this link:) It is a very long post!

CAUTION: You know your child, please supervise them around small objects. Also follow their lead! Toddlers should be having fun! Not sitting at a desk;)

Sorting by color with ANYTHING is fun for toddlers! Make this simple mat using construction paper and laminating it! then you can sort anything!

Click the picture for a post all about playing outside with chalk! Toddlers love to play outside games and chalk is a great way to get them moving and thinking!


Sensory Tubs are a huge hit with toddlers. Search Sensory tub on my blog or on Google and you will find lots of ideas!

In this next picture you can see a bucket on the bottom left. I called it the messy bucket. This day it had a Gatorade bottle and checkers. toddlers love to fill and spill things of all kinds!

Pom poms go in the top, get them from the bottom hole!

Below you can see the messy bucket with balls and a scoop and basket. Also the cubes in the little yellow basket! Toddlers love to stack!!

Spooning flat marbles


Tiny plastic bears and metal containers


Stacking wooden blocks


One big pom pom with a table spoon and nesting cups


Nesting cups with little plastic cats


Golf tees to stick into the straw hole of a Red Robin kids cup


Small pom poms and a plastic rolling pin from a playdoh thing. She LOVES this one! When it gets full they start popping out of the bottom. One of the boys may have shown her how to shoot them out by blowing…hmmmm.


Sensory bottles(plastic test tubes). I made 4 for her at this time Glitter in water, Jewels in water, Beads to shake and the last one has a single marble to roll back and forth. She loves these and says “Ooooooo” as she shakes them around. She also loves putting them in the holder!


Shape sorters


Little hoops

(party section of the dollar store)


Halloween peg game(I grabbed a Christmas one at the dollar store that I know will be a big hit as well)


Color wheel (by crazyart at wal-mart)


Wood bead onto a dowel


Plastic Beads on a drink stirrer


Elmer’s Glitter glue on wood makes great sensory boards! You can do letters, numbers, shapes or colors! They can’t rip them off the wall like paper posters!





  1. I'm gonna have to pin this one! GREAT ideas! My one year old would love them. Her big sisters probably would too though. :)

  2. You have an absolutely BRILLIANT blog! I found you as a Pinterest "daycare blog" while I was trying to decide whether to start a blog for my daycare.... Don't know if you are a Montessori Mama - but you are certainly Montessori-minded! I could stay here in you blog for weeks :) I have already pinned several of your ideas at my Livable Learning Pinterest boards.

  3. I am a new follower. Found you through pinterest. I am a home daycare provider. Love your ideas. Simple, fun for the kids while they learn and inexpensive.

  4. I Loved Your Blog!!! I Taught Preschool For 8 YearsAnd Did All TheseThings....But Now I'm A Stay At Home Mom, and My Brain Went POOF! Thanks For The Reminder, Of Simple manipulative Learning:)

  5. What brand is that shape sorter? I cant find one anywhere that does not make noise or reguire batteries. Brilllant ideas!! I will be going to dollar tree tommorow. My son is 2 so i always need new ideas being a sahm. He needs help with his fine motor skills.

  6. The read and yellow bucket sitting on the shelf, it has a clear window. I noticed several shape sorters. Thanks :)

  7. Thank you for the new toddler ideas! Found you through Pintrest. To TheParkersest11, the shape shorter is Fisher-Price - we have the same one. :)

  8. Just found this via pinterest! You have so many wonderful ideas - thank you!


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