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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chalk Board

I love this chalk board and so do the boys! I'm going to bullet point the things I love because it's easier:)
  • It's very independent Art! The chalk is very easily wiped off with the eraser.
  • I can leave it out because chalk is so easy to clean off of any other surfaces
  • The boys can work on it together
  • Short pieces of chalk encourage the tripod grasp
  • Writing on the wall encourages proper hand positioning
  • Chalk is very forgivable. If you make a "mistake" you just erase and start over
  • It gives a child that "I'm Writing on the Wall!" feeling without the mess:)
The boys have been writing on it all through out the day! We've even played some games with it. I wrote out all of the letters out on board and then I would whisper clues in Caden's ear like, "This letter sounds like Sssssss" or "The first letter of the word duck" and then he would erase just that letter. He loved it so we did it with numbers too. I would hold up my fingers and he would count them and then erase that number:)
Here's a cute little doodle that Caden drew. He said it was Daddy:)
I made this chalk board using a 4 foot by 2 foot 1/4 inch thick piece of wood. I painted it with chalk board paint and screwed it on to the wall:) That's it:)


  1. It's always great when siblings can happily work on an activity together. You made up some fun games for your boys to enjoy.

  2. I taught my son (35months) numbers by just counting out loud and counting objects. He can count objects and count out loud to 13 . However, he doesn't recognized the numeral 3, etc. For my next child I'll teach him to count and the numerals at the same time. I don't know how to bridge the gap for my 3year old now. It feels like I'm just holding or pointing to numbers and asking what it is and he may guess a couple before saying he doesn't want to anymore. How can I teach him that a 6 is a 6, etc? Please help!
    curlyboom at gmail dot com


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