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Friday, October 9, 2009

Q & A

Leslie said...

Thanks for the great ideas! I have a friend who just had her 3rd child and is trying to figure out how to have alone time with each of them. Do you accomplish that, and if so how?
Thanks again!

I do strive to have a little alone time with the boys each day. Most days I accomplish it but if I don't it's no biggie. I play with all three boys in the morning time. Sometimes all of us together sometimes I skip from one to one as they start up a new activity, and sometimes I just sit back and watch, all ways there to jump in if need be. At 9:30 I feed Jack and he takes his nap. Once he is in bed(10:00) I let Caden have his 30 minute computer turn(educational games). While Caden is on the computer I focus my time on Drake (reading books, coloring, snuggling, doing an activity, or just following him to wherever he wants me to be:) At about 5 till Drake goes potty, I brush his teeth and he goes down for his nap(10:30). I then tell Caden he has one minute left on the computer and then it's his time with Mommy. He loves this time so he usually quits right then and I ask him what he would like to do and we do it. Sometimes I have something planned or something in mind but usually we wing it. Jacks gets so much time with me while nursing that I don't worry to much about getting a specific 30 minutes with him, besides it seems like his favorite thing is to watch the boys do their activities. So that's how I do it:) We also try and get alone time with Daddy, it's a work in progress.


  1. How do you have your day so structured? Are you planning on homeschooling your kiddos?

  2. Oh, sorry I just read that you do plan to homeschool... :) Sometimes I need to read before I comment! LOL


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