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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Help Please!

I have a confession:) I'm a file folder game virgin:) I recently read a fun post on Confession of a Homeschooler! Love her blog!!!! I have printed several off and now that it's time to put them together, I'm nervous! Here's where I would like your help! If you "More experienced" mommies would leave a comment and give me your best tips on assembly that would be MUCH appreciated!
Some questions I have,
What kind of glue do you use?
Do you Laminate?
I want it to last for a long time so I can pass it on to siblings down the line.
How do you organize them?

When I've gotten enough comments and tried it out I will do a post about it to share with any of you who also might not have tried it yet:)


  1. I've no advice whatsoever, I'm nto even entirely sure how these games work. Looking forward to your post about this!

  2. I just tape the pieces to the folder to keep them in place and then use a large piece of clear contact paper to cover the pieces that are taped in the folder. Then I laminate the small pieces. I store them in a ziplock bag inside the folder, but I only have one kid and I know there are a few other methods to storing them.

  3. I also use contact paper. I don't have any storage ideas either but you could group them by subject in a file folder crate.

  4. Glue or tape on the pieces to the folder. To store the 'puzzle pieces' glue or tape an envelope on the back of the file folder then laminate the entire folder. Use an exact-o knife to cut the opening of the envelope(you can use Velcro to keep it closed).
    As for storing them, if you want to be really organized they make the color folders and you can make phonics in red, math in blue, etc. I keep mine in a mini portable filing cabinet for my boys to pull out which one they want...the color coding is nice, helps them know where to put them away.
    I taught first grade for 3 years and did laminate and contact, laminate will last longer and some libraries or school districts have laminators that they let the public use for cheap, my boys are now starting to use some of the games and the ones that are laminated are still in great shape, contact paper ones, not so much).
    Sorry for the novel, good luck :)

  5. I'm sort of a virgin, too, but recently printed out some stuff to try with my toddlers (I have an in-home child care).

    I bought a pack of white card stock at Big Lots and printed on that. I cut out the "pieces" part, then laminated everything (I want them to last for years). You can see a photo here:

    I store them in a file box (like a tupperware container for file folders--also bought at Big Lots) in hanging folders.

    Hope that helps.

  6. One trick from a school teacher - if you laminate plain-weight paper, you can cut it AFTER laminating - so when you are cutting out all those little pieces, you don't have to do it twice!

  7. Hi...I am new with this, too, but I laminated them since my daughter loves to eat paper :) and also they are best for her to manipulated and last longer thatn when I use contact paper. Then I tape the paper to the folder. I used to save the small pieces in and envelope but it get damage since my daughter is only 22 months and is still learning how to be careful. I am thinking to use a ziplock bag to save them. About the storage, I don't have anything, yet, but, I liked the Wilkinson Family idea.

  8. I use glue sticks when assembling mine. I have used rubber cement and elmers glue but I do not like the way it all looks when done. Wet and bubbly looking. To laminate it I just use clear contact paper. To store the pieces I just put them in a sandwich bag on the back. Hope this helps

  9. I made tons of folder games when I taught kindergarten. I used a glue stick to attach to the folder. The pieces will stay in place once you laminate. Definitely laminate if you want them to last. Mine have made it through 4 years of kindergarten and 2 kids so far. Use cardstock for the loose pieces and they'll last longer. I tried laminating an envelope onto the folder for the pieces, and it was not very sturdy . What worked best for me was to use clear book tape to tape a ziploc bag onto the outside of the folder after it was laminated (much more sturdy, and easy to pull off and replace if needed). I also used small pieces of sticky-back velcro to hold the pieces onto the game while the kid is playing so they don't ruin it if they accidentally bump it. I've also seen people use magnet tape for that purpose.
    Good luck! Lots of work for you, but lots of fun for the kids!


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