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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What's Out Wednesday!

I didn't change much this week because everyone has been so engaged with everything that I didn't want to change any of it:) The block area has a second shelf now that hold our unit blocks that Grandpa Drake bought for us! We have the cars(red basket) out with them right now.

Caden LOVES the new blocks and plays with them several time a day!!!
I also moved the sensory tub to the block area shelf because it was hard for the kids to get off of the shelf and get to the table. Now they just slide it off the bottom shelf and on to the floor. Right now we have beans, construction vehicles, and two scoops. This has been a huge hit!
On the Table Shelf we have New Play dough and enough rollers and cutters(there are lots you can't see in the pic) for several children to play together instead of just one. The rollers are actually blocks that came with the unit blocks:)
Transferring pom poms with tongs.
I originally had planned not to let Jack(14 months) into the school room yet but he wanted it so bad and did sooooooo good that I put together a shelf for him. From top Left: Metal tin and magnets, bottle with water and stones, treasure box with pom pom inside, nesting cups, little books, shape puzzle, shape sorter, vehicle puzzle with big knobs. He loves being apart of the school action and I can't wait to come up with new things for his shelf!
On the white board we have magnetic shapes.
I also put up a rain gutter book shelf to display some of our reference books that we like to pull down. It's out of their reach because they are delicate and some are expensive books.


  1. Wow! ...children around the world have the same ideas. Also my child play with the beans and the bulldozers:

  2. okay, I need some advice. and it seems like your boys are the right ages that this may have been a problem for you. How do (or did) you stop your baby from eating all the small parts? I want to let my 2.5 year old do sorting with small erasers but my 10 month old is oh so quick, and inevitably (no matter how careful I try to be) some little piece gets in his hand or mouth. How did you handle this?


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