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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's Out Wednesday!

From top left; Crayons, markers, crayon rocks, paper, playdoh and tools, Dry erase markers and workbooks. Second shelf, bob book that Caden has passed off, puzzles, sorting tray with colored stones, pattern tray with colored balls, tonging cylinders and the nut and bolt activity. Third shelf; Geometric solids, triangles and squares, color mixing paddles, dollar store ring toss game, magnetic marble toy, legos, and connecting builders.
On our special table we have a hammer the nails activity. You place the shape where you want it on the cork and then hammer a nail down the center. Big Hit.
We have out construction vehicles in the block area.
Our sensory tub it filled with 1 pound of rainbow pony beads, dollar store glass squares, heart and star links, 2 treasure chests, 1 glass candle holder and 2 scoops. This has been a huge hit! The kids love sorting out the "treasures". The picture doesn't do it justice! It is really so pretty that I can't help play with it!
Jack's shelf from the top; shape sorting peg puzzle, Golf tee peg board, nesting cups, stacking rings, vehicle puzzle and shape sorter.
My sister made this golf tee peg board by drilling holes in a little piece of wood. Jack Loves taking the golf Tees in and out.
On our white board we have dinosaurs! I wasn't sure what activity we would do with these but the boys started to pretend they were flying and eating each other. I thought that was pretty cool and then Caden brought me over to tell me that he had sorted them. I looked and he told me that he had sorted them by the ones that fly in the sky, the ones that walk on land and the ones that swim in the water:) I thought it was pretty cool:)


  1. I just love your What's Out Wednesdays! Makes me want to come over and play. Your family is very blessed to have you.

  2. Hi! Just found your blog. I have a question about your sensory tubs.
    Where do you store the "stuff" when you are not using it. Do you have a schedule of how often you change them? I really like your What's out Weds! I have had such a hard time planning for my little ones. It seems so easy but I think I just can't get focused. Too many options!
    Anyway Thanks!!
    Kelly K

  3. Where did you get your hammer the nail activity?


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