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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Q & A

A reader asked what I do about the little guys not eating all of the little parts of activities the older kids are working on?

I am very lucky with Jack(14 m) because he is not a very mouthy baby and never has been but Drake was! I would try to teach them not to put it in their mouth first by stopping them 2 or 3 times and then removing the activity. If they just aren't getting it(most babies won't) then here are some ideas that I have used and heard.

-Nap Time! Do school activities with the older child during the babies nap time.

-Kitchen Table. It's high enough that babies can't reach and you could strap them into their high chair with a safe activity or snack.

-Put the older child in a play pen with an activity so that the baby can't get to them(Caden LOVED this).

-We put Jack in a hook on chair in the school room so that he can work along side us without getting to the choke and breakables:)

Hope this helps:)

(In this picture Jack is putting dimes in a jar through the slit on the top. He loved and tried to put a dime in his mouth one time. I stopped him and said no eating and that was it. He loves activities like this!)


  1. thanks for the ideas. I think letting my eldest play in the playpen is a great suggestion.

  2. That is a good idea! I really like it! I do the high chair thing with my little one, while any older children I have are playing play dough or other things. She loves being up there with them, even though she's not doing the exact same thing!


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